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Product branding

What is product branding? Product branding, put simply, is the process of branding a product. It’s the identity you give your product so it stands out in a sea of competitors and connects with the people it meshes with best. That unique identity is your product’s brand, and each of the tangible aspects of that […]

These People Really Care About Fonts

A regular mixer brings together designers and typography nerds who get consumed by spacing and serifs. At TypeThursday, a monthly meet-up in cities including Los Angeles; London; and Bucharest, Romania, font designers critique each other’s letterforms over wine. They hold forth about negative space, consistent strokes and serif experimentation. The group’s website bills the gathering as “three […]

How to use Real Estate Postcards to market your business

Why Real Estate Postcards?     Targeted unlike with billboards, you can target your postcards to a specific demographic. Whether you use a mailing list you’ve personally curated, or one that you’ve purchased from a reputable service, you can target only the people who will most likely respond to your call-to-action.     Postcards are […]

Recognising Excellence: Media Innovator Awards 2020

Current consumers crave for goods and services that not only meet their needs, but also involve having a whole experience. Brands must know how to reach for them. Speak their language. Excite their senses. See what they see. Advertising plays a major role in this approach. Advertising Postcards with Augmented Reality serve that purpose: Postcards […]

•Design Rush•

Dear friends and colleagues, I am proud to announce that we, as LW Postcards, are accredited agency according to: •Design Rush• as Top Agencies of 2020     👉www.designrush.com   LW Advertising Postcards 『Contact』 ☎  +52 [322] 178.09.50 ✉   postcards@lebenswerkmexico.com  

The Art of Freecards

From April 23 to May 5, 2012 takes place the first exhibition of advertising postcards, exposed as a piece of art in “canvas” of 10 x 15 cm. Puerto Vallarta is hosting the first exhibition of an advertising medium as an art, are present with their original campaigns from countries as far as Australia, Portugal, […]

Advertising Postcards Art Exhibition

In 2012 Puerto Vallarta will be hosting the first exhibition of an advertising medium as a piece of art, will be present with their original campaigns countries like Australia, Portugal, Italy, India, Brazil, among others, and dignified representatives of companies in Mexico from Cancun, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta’s LW who host participants. The Advertising Postcard is freely taken by the consumer, resulting in fewer lost impact. In the words of Margarita de […]

All in One Campaign

.:All in One:. Get a •FREE• internet web profile when you hire our Postcards Advertising Media with an amount of 3,000 postcards monthly campaign, in this profile you can publish all your social network sites. We as LW, generate a QR Code and place it with the design in your Postcards Campaign. Click here to learn […]

Advertising Postcards with QR Codes

QR Code Content any web information specifically delivered by scanning QR (Quick Response) Codes or any other form of 2D/1D mobile tagging. QR code is consumed by mobile web users in a brand new fashion from a variety of unique contexts, most importantly from pre-existing traditional media, making it a relevant new category in marketing […]

Postcard Advertising – How It Can Help Your Business

When it comes to promoting a business, you can’t write off the simplest and most proven techniques in advertising. Even as internet marketing flourishes, the power of print advertising and direct mail marketing can never be underestimated. In fact, many small businesses and even larger firms combine print advertising with online marketing to get the […]